Sunday, November 14, 2010


Anyone for Scrabble?
The window frame was sitting in our carport for sometime; I was given it by a friend. I'll do something with that (I thought): too good to put on the scrap heap.I had no idea at the time what I would turn it into, but it ended up in the carport anyway. Maybe I would use it as a window - a bit frenchy... So, desperate to get the carport empty, I put my mind to it .
After a while, I made my first attempt at it -- I thought to put pictures in the individual frames. My neighbour (who was five at the time) helped me create some drawings on black card with crayon then I hung it on the wall for some years with pictures of knitting needles, shoes, umbrella, fishes.

As you do, I got tired of looking at it in that way and, inspired by a picture I saw in Notebook magazine, turned the window into a Scrabble board. Lucky I have a father who is a retired sign writer as he was able to draw the letters for me on paper. I cut them out, sprayed them in black and stuck them on with adhesive spray.
Half way through all this, the whole jolly thing fell on me but it is still in one piece.
I could probably pass first year fine arts with an installation like this!


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