Friday, November 19, 2010

Mish's bithday cake

In my mind this seemed a lot easier than what it seemed.
Now that I've conquered the cake, next time it will be a breeze.
It was my friend's birthday, so cake was what was needed.
A Pavlova cake was best suited as it needed to be wheat free and gluten free for my friend .
  I used one of those easy pav eggs  Toffee was easy as I conquered that weeks ago. Now for the chocolate. Well the second batch, after hubby doing a dash to the supermarket with 1hour to go, and some advice from my 9 year old neighbour -thank heavens for Junior Master Chef .
Meanwhile, Charlie was licking spoons and was covered in chocolate. He was a real Charlie in the Chocolate factory. It was a very precarious drive to my friend's house. It was eaten in about 5 mins like a plague of locus. "How long did it take to make" they said. "oh the best part of the afternoon .
(we all laughed)

  • one pav egg (get at supermarket)
  • small bottle cream
  • punett strawberries
  • 3cups white sugar
  • milk choc melting buttons
  • white choc melting buttons

Make pav according to recipe. Beat cream until stiff.
To make toffee mix 3cups of sugar and 3tbl water on stove on low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Stop stiring, watch it about 10 mins on low. Try putting some in a saucer of cold water. If it goes hard it's ready. Drizzel over baking paper. Melt choc over pan of boiling water.
W'hen its melted,  spread between 2 sheets of baking paper in a long strip that will go around the cake. Now this is the hard part. The choc needs to cool to a point where it won't drip but also not too hard that it will crack. Wrap around pav with paper and put in fridge to harden. Then carefully take of paper.
To make heart, melt white choc in same way. Then spread thickly on baking paper, you can make any shape you like.Put in fridge to set. Put a little dark melted dark choc in a plastic lunch bag and cut a very small hole in the the corner of bag. Then squeezing the bag you can write your message.
Take paper off carefully of the dark choc ring. Place cream in the middle.
Put your greeting sign in middle and break up toffee in large pieces and place in pav.
Place stawberries inbetween toffee sharft. Sparklers look great as candles.

Happy Birthday Mish! Jo


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