Sunday, May 1, 2011

This and that

Today I feel so inspired. Yesterday I went magnolia square. A craft show was held there that was right up my alley. I met some amazingly people there and I was in my element.  Two lovely ladies were exhibiting there: Pia Jane Bijkerk  had a book launch for her latest book My Heart Wanders (I couldn't put it down last night); and Bronnie Masefau - she has also written a book Australian Vintage Living which I also could not put down.  The craft exhibition was filled with clothing, jewellery, decoration ideas, cupcakes, ruffles, bows, polka dots, crochet, bunting. hats, pompoms, doillies, shoes --  it was just wonderful. I was wandering around feeling as though I was lost in the most wonderful world.
These pics are random.  From top left, my latest kitchen lights, doilly lightshade, Cherry's beads, some starchy stuff, my laundry basket, the first doilly light shade made for my in laws. I added ruffels to my shower curtain just for some elegance and the final picture is my clogs to hold clickety clacks.

Jo x

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  1. Jo I love your photo's, and that pressed tin is fantastic.