Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Couch Makeover

A large dog bed?  No, our couch has had a $20 make over. I could not believe my luck when I found this fabric at $2 a metre, so I said, "I'll have 10 metres please."
So I got to work, pinning and cutting. The best tip I can give you here is cut and pin on the couch with the fabric facing right side in; pin it all together and then sew. It also helps if you choose fabric where the pattern doesn't need to match up .
Slip covers are great for lots of reasons but what I like is they are easy to wash and it changes the whole look of the room without buying a new couch. Our's was still fine but I was getting tired of the same look
Jo x


  1. I love the fabric, the piping and the cushions. You are so clever. I'd love to do something with mine, but I'm not game enough to. You've done a wonderful job, and Winnie obviously agrees. (It is Winnie right?)


  2. Stunning! You are the make over queen

  3. Love it Jo!Piping adds a lot to it...Clever girl!Also like the brighter photos of the lampshade!

  4. Thankyou cherry .Yes I like the way the piping sets it off .

  5. Yes, couch looks really great Jo. Thought you had a completely new one when we saw it on Sunday ! Well done !