Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All rugged up

Last winter I had a felting frenzy. I was felting all sorts of things. It was the first time and what fun I had. I also got into knitting on huge needles with polar-fleece cut into strips. I created a throw for the couch and a door mat in these pics.
Today I got them out of the cupboard to create the old winter feel again.

Jo xx


  1. Hmm they are gorgeous. You have me thinking. I need a new rug for our bathroom. The room is pretty big. Do you think the fleece would suit crochet and if so how would I join the strips. I love the colours of your rugs.

  2. Yes I think you could crochet a rug .Use the biggest hook you can get !!
    For the throw rug I used 10 meters of polar_ fleece .I cut it round like a snails shell, if you know what I mean, that way there are no joins, It felt like I did as much cutting as knitting.To put the blackish color in I knitted in some strips of satin I had.
    I recon crochet polar_fleece would be great !!!!

  3. These look fantastic. What size needles did you use? They must have been enormous. So great for winter.

    Lisa x

  4. They were the size of broom sticks but shorter
    I should also mention It can be washed in the machine and dryer.