Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HIgh tea

Behind the yellow gates it was time for High Tea. What fun we had - 4 queen size sheets sewn up and made into a canopy - my Mr Handy Hubby helped out to set it up. I borrowed all the royal tea sets from gorgeous friends and made paper pomps with the help of a great friend Mariska, turning the house behind yellow gates into a wonderland for a tea party. (Well not just tea, some bubbles as well).
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  1. Wow Jo. What a transformation! Did the queen come???It (and you) looks wonderful and yummy!!!

  2. Thank you so much Jo for such a beautiful day. The place looked amazing, you did such an incredible job. You are one clever creative girl! It showed how your passion and love for decorating went into every little detail. The food was so yummy, especially those chocolate strawberries ha ha! Can't wait for the next event :-) Oh I know, Easter is coming next ha ha. I have an idea already for you, lets dress Winnie up as the Easter Bunny. How cute would that be! Mariska x