Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drummer boy

Our little boy turned 3 and a music party was in order. Heres the "drum cake" - it could have been a lot easier to make but Melbourne weather was at its best: hot!!! So the white choclate was either too soft or too hard.  I made an orange and chocolate cake and cut the middle out to make a hole.  That was filled with jellybeans and on top of that I placed a embrordery hoop with baking paper stretched tight. I wrote on it with coloured pencil (hey, much easier than piping it, with icing sugar). The outside is made of milk choc; you can see instructions on Mishe's cake but add some ribbon to hold it together. Make a mix of icing sugar, food colouring and a little water and and pipe spots onto the outside.  The drum sticks are made of chop sticks, wooden beads and some silver foil.
Our little birthday drummer boy drumed and drumed until the paper broke and the jellybeans were revealed .
Happy Birthday Charlie xxxxxxxx

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