Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I did it !

I did it! My laundry cuboard is organized and it doesn't all fall out each time I open the door any more.  I used to stuff everything in that cupboard and the vacuum lived under the bed - now it proudly has its own little shelf.  I gave the shelves and edges a white wash and the door got a couple of coats of grey. I think this was a "Cup Day" well spent (mixed in with a few trips to my neighbour for a little cup day gossip with the girls).

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  1. I'm still hoping to get a door on my laundry cupboard and it's not nearly as neat as yours. I too love to play with my house. Sometimes I think there's nothing more I can do - or rather that my husband will allow me to do! but then the urge hits again and...

  2. If only I had a cupboard like yours Jo!
    Inspirational! usual!
    Love the shades of grey too...kinda business-like!!!

  3. Hey Jo! Love the blog...keep 'em coming! Can I borrow you please to make my cupboards look so great? x